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Advertisement Options

We have various options for promoting your website. We only place adverts with some appropriate relevance in suitable places. We offer a range of advertisement and promotion options on this and on our client’s websites such as:

  • Banner Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Content Text Link
  • Backlinks

For linking we are happy to accept a link to the site you are promoting from another website, this is called ABC linking. We will also do reciprocal links. We do not charge for this kind of linking business.

For banners and other ads, we can charge a flat fee per month, per quarter, 6 monthly or annually. We can also arrange for a banner to be made for your advertisement if necessary. We also can charge on some sites on a pay per click or impression basis. We have an extensive network of websites in the UK and Cyprus to use. You can either target a site you want to be on, or we can arrange a package where we will place your ads on different site, which we will rotate and change to gain maximise exposure.

With some siteowners and webmasters we agree a mutual package of cross ads and linking and we often can do this on a free basis if the relevant traffic matches. Some of our sites have 1,000's of uniques IP's per months, we have sites with over millions of hits a year.

Please contact us and let us help you get more traffic for your sites.