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Joomla 1.6.3

Joomla have released an improtant update being version 1.6.3. This can be installed from within Joomla. However you may get a memory error message. this can be sorted by increasing the PHP memory limit on your host server. We have adjusted this for all our clients. If you cannot access this function, then we can offer advice on alternatives. Or you can always upgrade the old fashioned method.

Also check the joomla website for important news on Joomla 1.7 being released in July.

New Odessey Server Online

Our new Odessey server is now up and running. We took delivery on Friday and after some time hardening the security set-up and testing we transferred some accounts from our Prometheus Server without any downtime and it is now running fine. The server is on a totally different subnet to any of our other servers and this will gives us further advantages for SEO results for clients.

Joomla Security Update

Joomla have released 1.5.18. This sorts some vulnerabilities of .17 and a previous one from earlier versions. We have updated all our client sites today. If yours need updating let us know.

Form Captcha System Upgraded

Our UK division has completed the work to upgrade our online enquiry form product, Chicforms. This will reduce the amount of spam for our clients from automated bot entries. This includes Cyprusanytime in Cyprus and some UK sites.