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Penguin Pre-School's New Site

Penguin, after many years of using the website we designed for them as part of our charity work, the time came when the site needed to be updated to give a new moden look as well as add new features that add functionality to the site. This includes an events section which is easy to add in new events, newsletter so parents can be kept informed of latest news, a blog to inform everyone what penguin is up to and the ability to translate the site to various languages used by parents who have children in the school. We even designed a new logo for them to use for the site and across all their socal media in order to tie the new look all together.

Karlinas Restaurant Website Redesign

After many years of using the website we designed for them, Karlinas Restaurant, Cafe and Bar in Paphos, Cyprus wanted an updated look to match their updated menu and restaurant front. Aside from the initial website we created for them, this has been the first major redesign of their website so we wanted to ensure we had high quality images to complement the new look. We teamed up with Jamiri Photography who captured the atmosphere of Karlinas as well as items from their updated menu to show off the food in the best possible way. Coupled with a more modern feel while still retaining its charm, we think the new design perfectly encapsulates the feel of Karlinas.

The Trevross Hotel Website Update

In conjunction with the creation of the Wellesley Park Hotel website, we were tasked with doing a major overhaul of its sister hotel, The Trevross. We have been looking after this website for well over a decade without it ever having a revamp aesthetically but the owner felt it was time to update the look of the website to tie in with the new website for their sister hotel. The resulting site is the same look so that the two hotels visually tie together but each with their own information unique to the hotel and The Trevross features the green colouring which has long been a feature of the exterior of the hotel itself.

Charity Website Update

We are proud to announce a major redesign of Saint Spyridon's Greek Orthodox Church, Great Yarmouth website. We donated an intial website to them many years ago which was beginning to look old fashioned and was not kept up to date so we have donated a brand new website to the church charity. It features a large photo gallery with lightbox capabilities about the churches ongoing restoration project as well as lots of information on services, the history of the church and its patron Saint Spyridon and  classes and events they hold for the local community.

There is also a feature for people to send in donations to the churches restoration project, links to their active Facebook group and the ability for church members to add news articles to keep the website up to date.