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Cyprus Anytime Improvements

We have completed some improvements for the website of Cyprusanytime. It now has a full SEF (Search Engine Friendly) system for the URL's. This now includes differentitiating between sale, long term vacation rentals. Go to the site and hold your mouse over any picture and see how the description and the link changes. This will greatly help make the site higher in search engines. This has also been applied to the featured property section on the right.

We have also improved the enquiry form and make CSS adjustments to the front page for a cleaner look and feel. Some items have been rearranged like the Facebook and Twitter logos and a search system for the property types have been added to the left menus. A new system for the region and towns for Cyprus has been implemented as well. We are working on a few futher improvements in readiness to start a major push for the site.

Great SEO Results for Kiourlappos

We are very pleased to report that Kiourlappos music shop in Pafos has risen to 6th position in Google for Cyprus Music Shop. It is 2nd for pafos music shop and paphos music shop and as high as 2nd for Cyprus Music. These results are all for as in Cyprus. We launched the site in Sep 2009 and are pleased with these improvements for our client. If your site is not getting these kind of results call us now on 26272091 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SEO Improvements for Chicsystems Clients

More SEO success for Chicsystems' Cyprus Clients. It is a few Months since we started Kiourlappos music shop website  It is now no.1 in Google for Pafos Music shop, no.5 for Paphos Music shop and in the top 10 for Cyprus Music shop.

After the recent proper launch of Karlina Resturant website, it is now on the 2nd page of google for paphos resturant bar, and 3 relevant links to the resturant are now on the first page of google for tomb of the kings resturant.

Also from our UK office during the later part of 2009 and early 2010 we experimented with some different link strategies on The Trevross in the UK and the results are excellent. For its main keywords in, great yarmouth hotel, and hotels, bed and breakfast and accommodation it is now in the top page for all of them. This was a extremely cost effective excercise and we will be rolling this method out to other clients.

Remember, these SEO improvements are used for all our clients as standard not just a paid for extra. If you have a existing website we can obviously apply these improvements to your site, contact us for details and prices.