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Major Site Upgrade

On Friday we launched a total revamp of The new site is based on our own CMS system we originally developed for The layout and menus are different and the application and usage of the listings have been adapted to the needs of the site. In making the changes we have added new features to our CMS system and will be implementing the relevant ones to other sites using our CMS system where appropiate. The new index page was indexed by Google in 48 hours. A complete redirect was put in place for the old site which had over 800 indexed pages.

New Site in the UK

Our UK division has just acquired and are developing a new website for B&B Great Yarmouth which will cover bed and breakfast accommodation in the Great Yarmouth area of Norfolk, England.

More SEO Improvements

Since our last update, is now appearing in the top page for Cyprus music on Google and Kiourlappos continues to rise. has risen to the second page for paphos property maintenance and 2nd for paphos pool service. The property listed in we mentioned before is now on the first page of Google for Melanos and the site itself is 2nd for paphos villa apartment.

Record Entry in Google

We set a new record this week. On Tuesday a new page was added to the Cyprusanytime website in the long term rentals section. Our Google monitoring service picked up that it had been indexed it in less than 3 hours! We implemented auto generated sitemaps and a few other things on this site and Google seems to be visiting extremely regularly. Already a search for Melanos Chloraka shows the page in the top 30 in Google and Long term Rental Chloraka is just outside the top 30 in just 2 days! The results for Google UK are slightly better. If you dont have this level of response then maybe you should contact us.