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New Website in Cyprus

We are pleased to have taken over the website for

The site was originally done using a basic template. We have re-written to PHP with full CSS in order to gain improvements in the search engines. We added a full gallery, rotating image on the front page and generally revamped the website

Further New Client in Limassol

We recently took over the website for Aloha Divers in Limassol. The site is now on our servers and has had some initial updates. We are doing further improvements and expect to launch the revamped website in approx. mid June

Fine Globe updates

We have completed some initial updates and improvements to the Fine Globe website. The site had 2 versions with part of it being a dial up version. We have now set it all to the main version. Various minor fixes, layout issues, CSS problems and some updating have now been completed

New Client in Limassol

We are pleased to report that Ultimark Solutions have become a Chicsystems Client. Their website is based on Joomla with a number of add ons including the Virturemart shopping systems. We have done a number of updates and issue fixing so far, including compenent updating, CSS errors and layout changes and more are on the way.